letter #9 – zahvalnost

Hej Luka! Nikad neću zaboraviti ono usamljeno veče jula 2017. kada sam odlučila da ti napišem pismo. Toliko si me pozitivno iznenadio i pomogao mi. Idalje [...]

letter #8 – walpurgis night

‘Hi man, really appreciate your tunes big up from across the pond Just wanted to ask what the song Walpurgis Night is about dont get me wrong it’s my [...]

letter #6 – heartbreak tune

‘I’m heartbroken, but this is a warm blanket :)’ (from: Alex, Galați Romania) hi Alex, thank you for sharing your feelings <3 i am sorry you’re going [...]

letter #5 – happiness

‘I’m feeling gooooood, and happy and loving myself and I hope you are feeling yourself tooo! Website looks great! – your friendly neighborhood [...]

letter #4 – sadness

      i just feel sad – i have no reason to be that way, i had a decent day, but not what i sat down i just burst in tears. hope ur doing better x (from: [...]

letter #2 – virus anxiety

    letter #2 ‘Hey Luke, I really appreciate your website, it is so difficult being inside yet all of our people are going out.I feel worried so much [...]

#letter 1 – music & parents

    #letter 1 – music & parents ‘Can I ask you how much you got support for music from your parents? I wanted always tosing but my parents say that there [...]