letter #6 – heartbreak tune

‘I’m heartbroken, but this is a warm blanket :)’ (from: Alex, Galați Romania) hi Alex, thank you for sharing your feelings <3 i am sorry you’re going [...]

letter #5 – happiness

‘I’m feeling gooooood, and happy and loving myself and I hope you are feeling yourself tooo! Website looks great! – your friendly neighborhood [...]

letter #4 – sadness

      i just feel sad – i have no reason to be that way, i had a decent day, but not what i sat down i just burst in tears. hope ur doing better x (from: [...]

letter #2 – virus anxiety

    letter #2 ‘Hey Luke, I really appreciate your website, it is so difficult being inside yet all of our people are going out.I feel worried so much [...]

#letter 1 – music & parents

    #letter 1 – music & parents ‘Can I ask you how much you got support for music from your parents? I wanted always tosing but my parents say that there [...]