LINK TO HELP: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co


with my entire being i am saddened that human rights are violated and keep being violated all around the world. the pressing issue ongoing in America is not anything new – i’ve heard so many stories from friends across the pond of it happening and it was about time that the evil of inequality is eradicated. i would never stand up for violence, but there is a yo-yo effect in every cultural revolution. first it’s drawn with a lot of pressure and discomfort (racism) then it reaches the other end limit (the riot and revolution) and then it returns to stand in the middle which is how the things inherently should be as we are all beings of one entity – planet earth.

there is no topic that would be uncomfortable if it will bring positive outcome in the end, and even though i’m thousands of miles away from the current situation ongoing in the US, my heart and my task tells me to inform of this occurrences and to learn as much as i can how i can help the unfairness that has been purposefully imposed throughout the centuries.

as a part of a country (Serbia) that is not diverse, i never experienced the notion of racism, but rather nationalism and homophobia and being bullied for being different, i’ve realised what inequality is and how difficult makes you to move throughout your life. i cannot even fathom skin colour being a problem to someone, but i am aware that it is and it must be stopped. capitalism has brought many problems and inequalities between the rich and less fortunate, let’s not divide even more.

as a white person, there are so many things that the system allows me and it is easier, and i just did not notice it how privileged i was until i have moved to a more diverse country (England) where racism still exists in human nature. 

i wholeheartedly stand for the demand for change of the system and i am glad for the wake up call i just wish that no one gets hurt and hope that everyone will be safe. the media is not reporting the peaceful protests but the government is exercising its power for self-creating chaos and misinforming the world and the americans about African-Americans being violent. just quickly using social media and searching #blacklivesmatter you can see the complete police and military brutality ongoing. (i did not post any videos in case someone was sensitive to the content.)

i urge you to try donate, help in any way, talk about this (i have had numerous conversations with my friends who opened up my eyes about the issue) and really be there for each other. please share on social media what is going on and let’s teach one another that we’re all human, equal and let’s spread kindness and compassion amongst one another. nobody should be disenfranchised because of anything, let alone their skin colour.


i love you my brothers and sisters 🖤,

Luke Black