sims interview

Lockdown period required creative outlets for creative content so @Mitzymagazine and me did an interview in The Sims. Read below! ❤️ Can you tell us a [...]

letter #12 – usamljenost

   ‘Češto se osećam kao da šta god da uradim je pogrešno. Upoznala sam se sa dečkom kog poznajem preko interneta, nakon par sati. U mom stanu, ničeg nije [...]

letter #11 – HIV & love

   ‘hey thank you share a place for us,and be a listener to us,my story is nothing special anyway,where it start maybe when I was 14,till now I’m still [...]

letter #10 – release

‘Had and still have tough times where I think I I’m not good enough to do anything with myself, to appreciate who I am, to be with someone who’s kind to [...]


LINK TO HELP: with my entire being i am saddened that human rights are violated and keep being violated all around the [...]

letter #9 – zahvalnost

Hej Luka! Nikad neću zaboraviti ono usamljeno veče jula 2017. kada sam odlučila da ti napišem pismo. Toliko si me pozitivno iznenadio i pomogao mi. Idalje [...]

letter #8 – walpurgis night

‘Hi man, really appreciate your tunes big up from across the pond Just wanted to ask what the song Walpurgis Night is about dont get me wrong it’s my [...]