‘Hey Luke,

Hey I am a boy but I am very interested in make-up and I sometimes do makeup in my room.I see all people and some boys on Instagram posting their work but I am too shy and I am afraid my parents will find out. I also really really want to do that as my job. I feel very scared but I’m almost 19 and I will need to do college soon and still don’t know what to do. I was thinking English language like you… Maybe I can try make up then if I move to Belgrade. What do you think?

Btw love you loads!’



hey stranger,

nice to hear from you!

i understand you are from serbia and must say it is a tough time in the country and wearing make-up as a boy can be quite daunting. bravery is often misunderstood for strength but i believe expression and standing up for yourself is one of the bravest things you can do. the most important thing is too keep yourself safe. but as make up is so adaptable you can make it work in different situations. sometimes putting a bit of make up on yourself to feel good while not being too noticable is amazing as well.

i am sure that moving to belgrade, assuming you’re from a smaller town, will give you some freedom but don’t expect it to be too free-spirited it all depends on your surroundings and neighbourhood you live in. i have had luck to meet friends who, even though i am not into make up myself though i’m inspired by glam rock bands, shared their art with me and we had quite some fun experimenting and transforming ourselves. it is an art so beautiful and to be honest, working on music i have discovered boys to be better at it than girls! i’m sure if you work hard and loosen up slowly descending into the world of make up and self-expression that there will be great opportunities for a career. work on your craft first then talk to your parents and see how much emotional support they can offer in the process and you’re set.

i would also like to see your work so do send over whenever you feel like it 🙂

hope i made a bit of sense hehe!


Luke Black