‘I don’t exactly know how this works but I guess we just share our feelings? I don’t know what I feel anymore tbh. It’s just I have this enormous amount of rage inside of me that I just want to let out but just can’t find anyway to do it.  Ehhh I guess I don’t feel rage it’s just disappointment or maybe it is rage. Who knows? I know I  don’t. Cause if I did, I wouldn’t be writing this right now.
Well I felt good typing this thing and I’m sorry to trouble you. Thanks for this platform I’d say. I can bet it’s helping a lot of people.

Oh and I really hope you’re not one of those who reads sob stories and then just assumes its related to “romantic relationships” cause those people are pure shit. Okay. I’m done.

(by Scarlett from Guwahati, India)’



hey Scarlett,

thank you for your kind words – helps a few people but i guess it does good on a planetary perspective to have someone release their feelings into the universe and leave space for more positive ones. 🙂

i’ll try not to assume anything, as you’re right it is not a good thing to do! even naming a few feelings help in realisation, it does not necessarily have to be connected to any life occurrence it can be just a feeling and the negative ones tend to stick like an octopus to you, makes it harder to breathe and you can’t shake it off that easily. do you ever find yourself feeding rage more than feeding kindness to yourself and others? i do. and it is a toughie to challenge, but i have managed to keep it under wraps.

what i feel the most effective and most “fun” way of dealing with those kind of emotions is – is just writing it all down, everything you feel and then everything that potentially might be causing it (real or imaginary) and colour-code it. and deal with a thing one step at the time as in a video game. write negative things in red and positive things in green as it has a more positive connotation and will work well with how your brain perceives things. dealing with, for example, disappointment (in yourself) is tough as you are mostly uncontrollably spinning around your own centre and it is always hard to convince yourself to listen to something good for you. dealing with disappointment in others is maybe better when communicated with the other person, but it is painful and i’d get a lot of anxiety, but i power through ! and rage, it can potentially be beautiful, you can aim it into something useful for yourself or others – if you’re an artist, every time you start bursting with emotions transfer it onto a paper or an instrument, or if you like sports take extra exercises that would sure help you out get that collection of energy outside of your body. finally, my fav thing, just shoot some people in video games – works like a charm in anxiety relief.


hope this could help you at least 1% and feel free to send even more on how you progress!

love you angel,

Luke Black xx