I should be happy because my uni exams are going great, but I feel like I don’t have close true friends to celebrate that with. I’m living on my own so I watched anime to cheer up, kinda worked 🙂 Also kinda anxious about this adult life, turning 20 was scary :// 

(by Jovana, from Belgrade, Serbia)


hey Jovana,

really nice to hear from you and congrats on your exams! – let’s try celebrate together? 🙂

i guess the exam period can be stressful, you were probably working very hard to achieve your goals and that’s v admirable. whenever i had exams going on so much of my energy went into that as i’m quite ambitious for whatever i do and as soon as it is over, even though i’m happy with the results my mind gets cleared out and i would be left with an empty feeling – then thoughts and life analysis would come into my head. feeling a bit lonely is definitely what comes to mind after being isolated to work for a long time, so i guess that’s very understandable and natural.

close friends are v hard to find, and usually can’t be forced into happening. my 20s and beginning of college offered me amazing people and it is usually during those years that you meet friends for life. people are more serious, kinda less malicious and childish and the quality of relationships get a bit better than in your teens. i am definitely sure that it will happen for you and you will write me back with amazing news of finding like-minded individuals. the purpose of this website was, in a way, me trying to be a close friend, the way i would be with my friends and give my all to try to cheer you up, give a bit of advice and talk not talk shortly (so sorry if my messages are too long sometimes). i am very happy to see that you like anime, i am a fanatic haha! i think no person who likes anime is a bad person and among people who like my music you can meet amazing friends i’m sure of it. whenever i’m sad, i try to watch spirited away, cause that film, the aesthetics and the story makes me feel really warm around my heart and it truly does help.

as for 20s, aahhhhh, let me tell you, if you are at least a bit contemplative, it’s tough. much tougher than teens so get ready for a ride, but it is also an amazing time for self-discovery, heartbreak, inspiration, changes of scenery, freedom of expression, crisis that you haven’t done enough, experimentation and loads of scary but beautiful things. i’ve discovered how it’s amazing that things never really make sense unless you look back at them and it will all turn out beautifully in the end. i found my that in my 20s i felt more insecure than when i was a teenager, but for completely polar opposite things. 30s then will be the time to have your full potential, everything dark will go away and beautiful things will stick around (at least i hope so lmao, i’m still not there)

whenever it’s raining in your head, feel free to write and i’ll be sure to have an umbrella ready x

love u angel,

Luke Black