‘Hey Luka, you are such an inspiration and an amazing person. I hope I will be lucky enough to meet you one day.

I didn’t really want to share my life experiences but to ask how are you? You always want to know how we are and it is time for you to share your feelings!

I am confused why you are not releasing music because I see on social media what you posted about working on music. I love your covers, but I miss hearing your original tracks.

Hope the world will hear the beautiful voice of yours soon!

I love you <3′

(Andjela, Belgrade)



hi Andjela,

that is very thoughtful of you for asking me back. this space is more about you and your feelings, as not all of us are fortunate enough to have anyone to talk to, or maybe we don’t want to share our feelings publicly / with friends and that is ok. although, i have always been the kind of person to show how i feel to my closest ones and found it million times more helpful then when i was keeping things to myself. i tend to share my feelings through songs and poetry rather than prose. i just make sense of things much better that way.

so regarding the new music, it has been a very turbulent year for all of us globally, and i feel like the process of getting back to normal is difficult for everybody. in the period spanning over 2 years i have written an abundance of songs, my debut album, and London has changed the game for me. previously in my career i have had difficulties conveying what i wanted due to lots of creative voices coming from various sides, and this time i was working with a smaller group of people. the next body of work exists and i was working on it solely with one person, meaning that i had all of the creative control and i am really enjoying the process. no rushing ideas anymore taking time is the new thing ! also, i’ve been dealing with a lot of mental health processes which gaming helped to soothe and i have really wanted to escape into video games as much as possible and it turned out that they escaped into me and my music in return. 🙂

i love u angel x,

Luke Black