‘Hiiii, it’s me again, the girl from the last post!
Thank you for the lenghty response, it shows how much you care to answer. It’s sooo magical how you understood me completely, even though I shared my emotions in 3 crappy sentences. I’m usually the one to comfort other people and try to give advice, so generic cheering up doesn’t work for me. But you analyzed every aspect of the situation I was in and reminded me to look from a rational perspective. It feels like you found the answer in my head, it was just hiding behind the curtain of anxiety and probably stress.
I usually feel drained after exams, and just like you said, empty even when the results are great. Also I don’t know how to value my own success, I just say that I was lucky or that the exam was easy. I didn’t consider the fact that I worked alone for a long time and how it can contribute to that lonely feeling afterwards, so thank you for pointing that out!
You definetely made me look forward to upcoming years of my life, I was kinda reminiscing about the ones behind me. But now I see all the good things that come with going out of high school, turns out that all the bad things that come with it are temporary so I can choose my own path now and surround myself with amazing people.
Lastly, thank you <3. You made me feel more secure about the future, I’m looking forward to it now, all  the beautiful and scary parts. I have a response to every sentence of your answer because it’s that amazing and reassuring, but I don’t want to dissect it, it’s beautiful from start to finish.

P.S. I didn’t specify on what anime I was watching, but it was My Neighbor Totoro, so the picture you chose is just right :))’

(from Jovana – Belgrade, Serbia)



ooooh hi again,

my first reply to a reply i’m so excited. this is a reply to a reply of my reply to your reply hehe :)might not be the last post but close to it!  i’m glad that my (if i say reply one more time…) RESPONSE was the source of a positive stream of consciousness for you, and now you helped me back. the communication through a wider set of words is definitely what we lack in day to day online talk.

the lacking feeling of accomplishment is something i know very well and am still struggling to achieve. i never really sit back and think about the music i have made and feel grateful for it. loads of time i take all my efforts for granted – but once you point out the problem, the game is to change and adapt it to your benefit.

life, i guess, is going to suck most of the time, and finding beautiful things is going to be hard but each time you do it, you collect extra XP which help you find more and more beautiful stuff about it.

p.s. glad i chose the right image, i kinda chose it randomly from my folder but it does really resonate with every letter i get.

thank you angel,

Luke Black