‘hi Luke x
my friend recommended me your page as a nice outlet for sharing our feelings and i decided to give it a go.
there are so many things i’d like to say but it is so hard to put them down. have you ever heard voices in your head telling you self-hating phrases over and over. i just can’t keep my mind clear and they come at times even when i am surrounded by people and friends. the lockdown situation has extended and it seems like i will be spending my time alone with my thoughts for a while.
if it’s not a burden can you give me any advice on how to tackle them.

thank you, i also recently discovered your music and i think you will be big.. x’

Lauren, Glasgow, Scotland



hiiii Lauren,

it’s been ages since i’ve done these replies, sorry if little rusty! thank you so so much for the kind words and i can’t wait to come visit glasgow and edinburgh it all looks really beautiful up north. also say hello to ur friend!!

ahhh the voices 😩 it seems no one is immune to those! i guess it really depends on deep down where they’re coming from – maybe it’s the people surrounding you (other’s peoples voices) or one of your own being very harsh on yourself. is there a level of expectation that you’ve set upon yourself or have others set certain standards that you’re not meeting up.

if it’s something that is overwhelming you right now i would suggest to log off all your social media (they don’t do us a favour in any way) and try loosing yourself in something! whether it’s a book or a game or music – you and your mind definitely deserve a break 🙂 apart from that, there is this handy method i’ve used sometimes not to let my mind wander too much – i would meditate for around 15 mins and would take deep breaths and count them and every time my mind would go elsewhere i’d refocus it back to breathing and counting. once you master that, you can light a candle and look at it for good 15 mins again with deep breaths and upon closing your eyes you’re gonna see a little bright colour where the candle flame was. it’s gonna be moving a lot your job is to centre it! this is how to strengthen your mind and block a lot of negativity leaving only the one that helps you grow.

i hope i helped in any kind of way <3

love u,

luke black x