‘You’re one of the most original people I’ve met at uni and your disco lights on zoom, make it all the better! I think your music is really cool and your aesthetic blows me away! Keep doing what you’re doing…. I look forward to seeing how far you will go on your journey!’

From: Ted London UK


wowza ted, thank you i didn’t expect this at all!

it is really weird adjusting to the new lecture system, but hey can’t give up haha

my flat is designed to be a huge colourful sleeping capsule and those lights are actually a bluetooth speaker that move to any sound. currently my dog is the DJ and throughout most of the class it moves whenever she’s snoring. i do tend to turn off my cam a lot since i’m smoking (and we’re not allowed to smoke on cam hah) 🙂

here’s a funny story that happened today, i fell asleep and the teacher woke me up in a private zoom room (i’m mortified !!). morning

i haven’t met anyone called ted in the class or the name is a bit more anonymous here, but it makes me happy to hear all of the nice words. i definitely would want to hear your music and art so feel free to hit me up one day.

hopefully you will like what i’m putting out very soon x


Luke Black