hey my lovefirst thank you for this website you are the most caring person ever!<3i always wanted to write to you but i’m too shy to say this.i feel depression and feel like all my friends are judging me for liking girls and boys but girls more.i cry every night,i have one friend but i can’t see her cause of virus and now she doesn’t want to see me anymore and i think i like her. i love you so much! (stefani, belgrade)



hi stefani,

thank you for your kind message!

do not ever be shy to write – the beauty of this time right now is that i have all the concentration focused on you and want to help you as much as i can, although i am not a professional. it seems that sometimes it’s nicer to hear from someone similar to you 🙂

it is completely normal to feel worried and uncertain during this crisis, but as long as you stay safe we’ll get over this soon! if you feel like you are depressed, address it to your parents so that they could help you if they can – if not, i have my resources so do please write more about any needed help. can you try working out obvious things that are bothering you and maybe we can sort them out together. depression is something like love, it is invisible and you cannot control it completely on your own. other problems are all solvable with a bit of hard work and focus – you can power through anything!

i am not sure of your age, but i guess by your message you’re still in school. school kids can be very tough, i’ve been through similar things! most of it is not very serious however, it only takes one person to repeat what someone has said in their family and the rest will follow the same example not really knowing and feeling what they’re saying. regarding sexuality, i think it’s nice that you are not bound to one single choice, but there is still time to discover yourself. you can go through different phases and try different things later on and then you’ll know for sure. i think it’s very brave of you to write this and discuss this. even though you might be younger or a teenager, i feel you should have that one friend you can talk to about everything – but if that is not the case, i can be that friend! i had difficulties being understood by my classmates, but found my friends who shared similar interests mostly online and chatted with them for hours playing video games together. i even performed on my piano for them online, it was really heartwarming!

regarding your friend, i am sad you miss her and that you feel like you’re losing her because of the virus crisis – i think it’s quite normal you feel that way and it show you care – however it may be – whether you like like her or just like her as a friend. my advice would be for you to send her a message asking her how she feels, maybe organise some fun activities online and see where it goes. i always thought the best of the people i met through my school years, but most of them ended up not being my real friend in the process. the truest friend you will meet in college years once everyone has found themselves and got through the teenage malice and sorted themselves out. a lot of your classmates will go different ways than you but that is okay. promise it gets better!

much love angel,

Luke Black