‘I’m feeling gooooood, and happy and loving myself and I hope you are feeling yourself tooo! Website looks great!

– your friendly neighborhood floatinurboat :)’ (Vova, Glasgow)


hey Vova,

nice to see you here & thank you for your message of love and happiness. it was very enjoying spending lovely time with you in amsterdam.

i was really glad when i saw a positive attitude in my inbox and i am so happy you’re enjoying life and loving yourself – maybe you can share your secret to the rest of us little dark clouds 🙂

you know, i spent hours deliberating the subject of happiness with my closest friends and for years i thought it was something one should aim to feel all the time and thought it was achievable, but i realised it’s only for certain moments with certain people that lift your energy and spirits up. that’s actually the beauty of it cause it’s flies by for a little while like a pleasant ocean wave on a sunny day and then it pulls back to hit you another time. i’ve achieved the more constant feeling of gratitude towards everything i love in life and it fills me up with positive energy. i’m the happiest with family and my fans and when i talk to them and share feelings, like we are now.

on the subject of loving yourself, i’d really love another letter from you to how you can achieve it so i can put it here for everyone to see!

to anyone who’s reading – Vova is an amazing aspiring musician and you can check him out on https://www.instagram.com/floatinurboat/

thank you again for sharing the feelings of happiness!


Luke Black