#letter 1 – music & parents

‘Can I ask you how much you got support for music from your parents? I wanted always to
sing but my parents say that there is no money in music and I can’t do it. I really want to sing and music. I feel it is my passion! Thank you Luke!’ – ggg, Belgrade (Serbia)


hey ggg,

as that is how you put your name down and prefer to be called, i’ll call you like that 🙂

thank you for ur message!

to be completely honest, i have had much luck with parents and their support, a bit more from my father than my mom in the beginning. when i was 17 i was  more rebellious and i broke it to my mom that music was what i wanted to do – so she is either in it or not / that might be a bit too harsh, but sometimes you got to break it down to your parents like that. at the time, the music scene and internet wasn’t as an accessible platform as it is today, so it was a bit more understandable that parents were sceptical about the calling. the times change, and as much as parents have to teach us about life, we have to teach them about new ways of life too, the one they might not see because of the worries that they go in their adult lives!

as for music itself, please be very disciplined if that is your calling, some of the things you can even do on your own to practice! join a school / church choir as you will get exponential knowledge about the singing techniques and harmonies which are used in all genres of music. try to pick an instrument as well at the same time as playing an instrument develops skills of songwriting and it will help you a lot when you finally muster up the courage to start performing!

seeing that you’re from Belgrade there are numerous places, such as KC Grad, that have been very welcoming to me even if I haven’t been as popular in the city – they are always open for new talents! apart from that you can go ask any pub or café if you can colour their spaces with your music for an evening. i know it takes up some courage and confidence (took me a couple of years to be brave to do it!) but it is worth it in the end. go for it x

hope this little letter helped.

love you angel,

Luke Black