‘hey there babe,

I was kinda bashing my head around a guy who is a musician – he does it for a living/ he’s in a band. We have been texting back and forth for a while,but can’t seem to get on my feet with what he feels for me. So i figured, you’re a musician fuck it I’ll ask – What do you guys want lool?’ 
(by Bianca from London, UK)


hey bianca,

thanks for the message and hopefully it isn’t me (lol)

i would say every musician has a different mindset, the same way there are various genres and types of music and there is no generalisation. in London, most of my friends are involved in musicianship so i can try and be more objective having everyone in mind, and i wouldn’t like to be talking about what i want.

i guess the similar thing between all of us is the acquired ego and you would definitely do well by giving a lot of attention / praise to him – it’s what everyone likes to hear now and then. second of all, pay attention to his music and craftsmanship, see what differentiates him from others and talk about that when it comes naturally. try inquiring about his inspirations and fav bands and listen to them and have an opinion. but be prepared that, assuming he’s quite an artist, he will go missing / be unresponsive some time as maybe he’ll be focusing on his work and hanging out with bandmates. can’t say much else about physical and psychical preferences as i am not acquainted with the guy.

answering that as much as i could, i also would like to suggest not fretting too much about what someone else wants. i suggested a couple of similarities between musicians, but it is also important what you want. as a person not much apt for the digital age, i don’t like being left on read / being ignored and i don’t understand the point. as soon as that happens, i start losing interest and i hope you can try achieve that. there is nothing wrong or uncool by taking interest in what their day was like etc. i really like sharing music, so you can do that, but if there is no natural response, don’t be asking or analysing messages either from a musician or anyone. leave your phone and go out / or airplane mode and take a nice walk listen to music – your interests level will go down. 🙂

anyway good luck in the love games, i hope it goes well and dibs on singing at your wedding hehe

lots of love angel,

Luke Black