letter #2

‘Hey Luke,

I really appreciate your website, it is so difficult being inside yet all of our people are going out.I feel worried so much because I’m in college and we haven’t been going for more than a month! I am studying science but I wan’t to study photography! I don’t know when will life go to normal and this thing scares me. My brother lost a friend because of the virus and it is sad. I am scared for my future and my family.




hey Jose,

thank you for your message and kind words!

i am so sorry your brother had to go through that difficult situation – losing a friend is like loosing a member of your family and I hope he will be okay. what you are describing right now, regarding being scared, is what most people are experiencing in these uncertain times. lots of plans have changed and ideas and dreams we had were ruined by the virus. i want you to know that i am here for you and feel free to write another time whenever you need someone to talk to!

the situation is different from country to country, but the best thing to do is to be precautions and take care of yourself and your family. don’t go out unnecessarily and build yourself a safe space inside your room / flat / house where you can relax but also learn a new skill! i have had many people write about how they’ve changed their calling amidst the ongoing crisis and went from working in one field to another. a lot of people have learned to do something new and in that discovered love for something unimaginable for them in the past. for example, i have focused on practicing guitar every day and built this project. video games too, they can be very calming!

photography is a beautiful skill you can learn and now is the perfect time to see whether this is your calling. assuming you got the camera or your phone, you can maybe get around the block and start photographing little things from your neighbourhood that make you feel safe and grateful. if not take your laptop and use the web camera! 🙂 watch plenty tutorial videos online and maybe even enrol in an web course where you might even meet like-minded individuals. who know, you might make some great friends! you could then send me your photos if you’d like i’d gladly post them here!

feeling anxious is normal, even before this, sometimes in our hectic lives we even forget to take a deep breath – so my reminder is to breathe! we have experienced as human beings great threats throughout the history and we overcame it! what my feeling tells me is that people should be more caring and appreciative after all this is over, hopefully being kinder and more open. it’s going to take a while, but once it’s done it will be a pretty nice world to stick around in. x


Luke Black