i just feel sad – i have no reason to be that way, i had a decent day, but not what i sat down i just burst in tears. hope ur doing better x (from: ola – wroclaw, poland)

hii ola,

thank you for the short but to the point letter! <3

this might be on point how i’m feeling most of the time – but having sadness for no reason is most likely the feeling of depression. let me just find a quick definition *goes online*

here is one of the definitions: “Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Fortunately, it is also treatable. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed.” (WHO – World Health Association)

as you can see it is kind of a fluctuation of feelings but mostly unreasonable sadness. i’ve tried many times to figure out why i feel sad, since i have many things i am working on, great family support, my dog Zoi and friends i adore 🙂 when i was a teenager i did not know what it meant, most of the time i couldn’t explain the feeling. i felt like i was about to cry, but no tears came through. what’s good for you is that you cried it out – crying is relief of emotions and it is totally okay! one of the means i used to try to cry it out is watching sad dog videos online – they get me every time 🙁 i hope you have friends that you can talk to face to face, if not try building an interesting skill now that we’re spending most of the time at home. as i mentioned in one of the previous letters, i am really owning my guitar skills and making a musical body of work. if art is not your thing, try video games, they are such a good way to calm yourself down in doubtful situations. if you want install an online game and we can play together (although you will probably be better than me cause i suck). if games are not your thing, try making muffins and then send me some nice photos of them since i also fail at cooking. 🙂

if all these small things don’t make you feel better please do tell your parents how you feel, i told mine a little bit too late, but i am powering through!

i hope this little message made you feel better, thank you for sharing your feelings and whenever you feel sad just remember that at the same time i’m somewhere feeling sad with you x

love you angel,

Luke Black