‘I’m depressed as fu*k and feel useless and all that. You know the rest. But it made me so happy to talk to you. I love you. Jag älskar dej. Thanks for being my friend.’

(From: Linda – Stockholm,SWEDEN)


ah hello Linda,

nice to see a friendly face in the messages! 🙂

the point of the platform and in general is that i would like people not to feel the way i feel and that if they do they know they’re not alone. there is a long ongoing mental health crisis that has been shaken up by the pandemic. i remember playing guitar for days in my house in London trying to pass the time in the lockdown, you know, felt like i was doing a good thing, but the thoughts kept closing in on me. i understand that many ideas you had were completely ruined and plans have been pushed back indefinitely. but let’s rely on our strengths!

as a fellow taurus, we certainly are the funniest whenever we’re the saddest, so be a good sport and creatively joke away and level the depression waves with humour. my little guilty pleasure is TikTok and i reckon you would be amazing for it – since i do know you personally and you are hilarious. sometimes getting some good laughs in return is healing and a platform like that can be a great place to express yourself without any pressure to be perfect.

the uselessness feeling is definitely something that comes nicely in package with the feeling of being depressed. you don’t do anything, cause you feel like there is no point, and not doing anything feels like you have no purpose and having no purpose makes you feel useless. so before jumping on things that matter the most to you, take small steps – as i suggested above – do something silly, try to focus on something easy and start from there. try to get some adrenaline flowing through any means necessary. i am sure that would open doors for building yourself back together again and focusing on important things. through that, i hope, you will see yourself the way i see you, which is a beautiful talented gem of a human and hopefully the image won’t be distorted in your head anymore. <3

puss puss,

Luke Black