omg u guys!! i am beyond words excited for friday 23.04. and my first release in 4 years (○´ω○) !

after writing millions of songs in the meantime i felt brave enough to actually play you something i’ve been working on for a long time (sorry for not releasing anything but i was too anxious). anyway the time has come hehe and the first track out of many this year is titled ‘a house on the hill’. i’m not gonna write too much about it right now as i want you to hear it for yourself, but i want to thank you for supporting me through these 4 years even without releasing anything! i’m still asking myself how you weren’t bored of me hehe !! but i promise we’ll have fun crying together this year <3

big thank you to my producers Majed and alone.nowhere who you’ll hear more about soon!

to give u a bit of a hint of the track here’s a little video with the snippet of the song (cause why not) u can saaave it post it on your stories invite your friends to support and i’ll be eternally grateful. xx

i love u all so much it hurts ♡

luke black