Lockdown period required creative outlets for creative content so @Mitzymagazine and me did an interview in The Sims. Read below! ❤️


  • Can you tell us a little bit about what inspires you to make music? 

    I guess the inspiration comes from all sort of places – I used to be inspired by visual art / literature works in the past and some of the artists I really admire such as Bowie, Springsteen, Lennon, Lana Del Rey, but now I’m really obsessed with video games and mental health – topics which are a big part of me and I believe they’re very important in the difficult times we’re in now. It feels dope to escape.


  •  How did you get into singing? 

    Singing is a very crucial tool for delivering the art I create, but it is not the main one. All the words and melodies that come to me have a need to be sung out so that’s how I got into it and  I’ve been working hard on upgrading my skills over the past couple of months. I don’t want to be the world’s best singer though, I believe the feels are more important in a piece of music.


  • What is your writing process like? 

    I used to think it was a random process, but the more I am aware of it the more I realise I have melodies and topics first and the words and singing comes second. Piano is my workstation most of the time, but some of the new music was written on the guitar. If I write a song in a speed of light then I know it’s a keeper.


  • How does the Belgrade music scene compare to London?

    Belgrade will always be my #1 city in the world, so much of who I am stems from there. It’s a beautiful ruin I love exploring. London is much better for my craft though. As soon as I stepped there I got instantly recognised by the underground industry and got down to business quickly. I had an idea of completing the music game in Belgrade, but there was a glitch in the process so unfortunately I had to move on. London’s scene really resonates with me, while in Belgrade as an artist you only have certain venues where you can possibly do something, the UK’s capital is swarmed with opportunities. Both are quite difficult but quite exciting.


  • If you had to choose one: music or lyrics?

    Melodies. Although, when you mouth certain words to a certain melody it feels like a beautiful spell. Music comes later for me though, either I produce it or I have many amazing creatives who I collaborate with. Sometimes it’s music first too, sorry I sound like a Libra – can’t decide ,but for example my latest song ‘Frankensteined’ I did with my producer friend Majed when he sent me the music first and the words were a product of the music. I don’t know, can I have both?


  • Would you say that Serbian ethno music inspires you?

    I think it definitely inspires my singing, I love thrillers and little licks here and there. I could do Western vocalisation techniques, but I feel like sparks of Serbian ethno style infused with pop is a good mix. Nothing overdone though. I spent a long time listening to traditional folklore music and reading about our culture while exploring for the Neoslavic concept back in 2016.


  • What does the term “Neoslavic” mean to you?

    It means a lot of things, depends on how someone takes it for themselves. I was inspired by my friends who were proudly Serbian and bore a spirit of our country but still didn’t look the way people expected them to look like. They could celebrate Slava and have sleeve tattoos for all I care. Not all boys have to have buzzcuts or wear pants. Not all girls have to have long hair etc. Overtime it went a bit deeper to more of a self-realisation and empowerment.


  • If you had to sum up your album in one emoji what emoji would it be? 



  • If you could record a song with any artist who would it be and why?

    Lana Del Rey, because I just love that she’s outside of everything that’s going on. I’d like to be stuck in her limbo world for a while and write songs to find a way out. I also feel our voices and melodies would work well together. Here’s hoping that can happen soon!



(@Mitzymagazine, May 2020)